Symbols & Traditions


Line Names & Line Numbers

Each member has a line name and line number. Each group of new members initiated together within a chapter also has a collective line name that represents the group. These names are unique to each member and each line, and they hold special meaning for our sisters. The significance of the names and numbers are personal and private, only to be shared among members of the Sorority.


An emergence is the public presentation of the chapter’s newest members. It is a celebration of the new members, the Sorority, and chapter history, and it also highlights the individual personality of each line. Each line chooses how they emerge, which can range from a private celebration with the chapter and their closest friends to a public performance to present themselves to campus, friends, and their families.



Lavender, Carolina Blue, and Black are the official colors of Theta Nu Xi.


The Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly


The Sterling Silver Rose


The Sorority’s shield, created by the Founding Monarchs, has special significance for members of Theta Nu Xi. A replica of the shield has been made into a pin that is only to be worn by initiated members of the Sorority