Who We Are


Our mission is to promote leadership, multiculturalism, and self improvement through academic excellence, involvement in and service to the campus and community, as well as being living examples of sisterhood across different races, cultures, religions, backgrounds, and lifestyles.


Sisters of diversity together as ONE!


Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood, Leadership & Multiculturalism


  • To incorporate separate cultures into one life
  • To build self-esteem through sisterhood
  • To participate in service activities, especially those concerning diversity in the community
  • To encourage academic excellence and overall self-improvement
  • To promote unity among Greek organizations

What Multiculturalism Means To Us

Multiculturalism is the belief that there is inherent value in discovering, understanding, and appreciating all the ways in which people are different from each other.

While part of the National Founders’ vision was to create a sisterhood that physically transcended societal boundaries such as race, religion, culture and class, their primary goal was to bring together women who believe in the ideal of multiculturalism and want to promote multiculturalism in their everyday lives.

While all Greek organizations are and continue to grow more diverse, our Sorority explicitly seeks members with multicultural ideals and interests; we seek to use our Sorority as a vehicle to educate the surrounding campus and community on issues of diversity. We recognize that diversity is not limited to race, and we are proud to have achieved a sisterhood that is not only diverse with respect to race, but ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, and political ideology as well.